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WdjA Wedding DJ Association - History

Introduction - 2008

Every year almost 300,000 brides in the UK book entertainment for their wedding reception. Whilst many are happy to choose the cheapest they can find there are 1,000s of others who are more discerning. The latter is where The Wedding DJ Association targets most of it's resources at present but also aims to educate/advise those in the former category over the long term.

Planning for the Wedding DJ Association started in 2006 when it was felt by many in the industry that the true worth of the Professional Wedding DJ was being undermined by those who did not operate with the same ethos and commitment. Over 12 months of market research, followed by another 12 developing the system culminated with the launch of The Wedding DJ Association on 14th April 2008

So what makes this Association different?

It's client focused towards the Bride & Groom (you can view the main client site Here). The Wedding DJ Association promotes to the people who matter - our potential clients.

How will this be accomplished?

Although The Wedding DJ Association has only been established for a short time we are already achieving some great results - both in terms of enquiries generated and bookings secured by our members. We are reaching clients who, until now, only a select few have been able to afford to advertise to.

Steve Mitchell, based on Merseyside states:

"As soon as I heard of The Wedding DJ Association I applied to join as I could see the potential of it. In the last few weeks I have secured 4 confirmed bookings from the enquiries received - valued at over £2,000. I have also had to turn down numerous others"

What's in it for you?

Well there's no guarantee that you will get extra work. How you deal with enquiries is down to you and your personal methods. The Association is committed to promoting it's members and working toward bringing extra enquires to those members.

So the opportunity is there to secure extra work and I am delighted to report that (as at 1st June 2008) every existing member has already received enquiries (many are well into double figures) during the short time The Wedding DJ Association has been established! Many of those members have also told me that they have already received confirmed bookings from those enquiries.

What does The Wedding DJA offer that other Associations/Directories don't?

I have studied a vast number of the on-line DJ promotion sites & DJ Associations, what they offer, what are their shortfalls etc. There are some great sites out there and I would recommend that you look into those sites in addition to Wedding DJ Association. What makes this one different is that we are selective in who joins, we don't offer free listings and we use the vast proportion of our revenue promoting it; making more potential clients aware of it's existence for both their benefit and that of our members.

The Association will show potential clients that there are differing levels of service when it comes to finding a DJ for their wedding. One of the major on-line wedding sites has already recognised this and approached us for a 'Brides Guide to Booking a DJ'. This is only the start ...

How does the Wedding DJ Association work?

Whilst The Wedding DJ Association site is aimed at Brides-To-Be there is a section for DJs, including some top-end marketing advice. Although this area is expanding, it's all kept in the background with the emphasis on clients.

Brides come to one of the Wedding DJ Association client sites, they select their area and fill in their details. All registered DJs for that area automatically receive the details (no pre-selection by clients) and then it's down to the individual DJ to promote their own business in their reply, either by phone, email or post (as specified by the client).

I do believe that more DJs will charge what they are worth if the number of enquiries they receive is higher than they could possibly fulfill. The goal of The Wedding DJ Association is to bring in those enquiries in abundance and we're achieving this.

How much will it cost me?

Updated - One years' membership starts at £35 (a discount of 40% is available for AMPdj members). This will cover registration one area/county of the UK. Additional areas cost £35 each (also discounted for AMPdj members).

Periodic reviews will take place and the price for future new membership will be re-calculated to take into account the number of enquiries the Wedding DJ Association is receiving and it's worth & value to members.

Who can Join?

DJs who can show they offer a professional level of service for Wedding Receptions are welcome to apply.

Updated - The Wedding DJ Association no longer uses a full Registration Panel. The application is first of all processed by a complex algorithm and then reviewed by the in-house team with references and replies checked.  All applications are treated in-confidence and those who are rejected are informed why and given the opportunity to re-apply or to forward additional information to support their application.

Paul Smith
The Wedding DJ Association

Update March 2011 - following a unanimous vote by Wedding DJ Association members, the status of the WdjA was changed to the Wedding DJ Alliance. New clients sites were brought on-line and the existing ones refreshed with a brand new members area.

Update March 2016 - new applications for WdjA cannot currently be processed. DJs can apply to AMPdj instead.

Update May 2018 - WdjA incorporated into AMPdj.
If you are a mobile DJ who specialises in weddings...

Take a look at our Wedding Specialist page and if you think you fit this criteria and WdjA can benefit your business then you can apply here.

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  Risk Assessments

An increasing number of venues require mobile DJs to submit a Risk Assessment form prior to a function.

WdjA can help by providing guidance and ready made templates - all available within the members area.

Wedding Planners

We provide templates for planning the wedding ceremony, the wedding breakfast and the evening entertainment.

Booking Form

Covering all the essential details of the event together with booking terms & conditions are provided for the use of all members.

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